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Congratulations not only have you found an awesome mag to inspire, uplift and keep you positive in your barefoot journey but you’ve also stumbled upon a place which will connect you with other Barefoot Horse Lovers from all over the world. We love our magazine, we love our readers and so it’s time to bring that altogether here on this site.

How can you find out what others just like you are thinking, doing, loving in the mag and more? Click on any of the BHM Family links and they will take you to fun pages with reader’s pics (we like to call this page the Nice & Fluffy page), our Fan Base with testimonials, letters and posts. And the cream of the clip clop crop (try saying that in a hurry) is our very own BHMBud social network…a bit like Facebook but completely dedicated to you Barefoot Horse Lovers.

Every registered member on this site, whether you’ve just purchased the one mag or you have a subscription, is automatically given the opportunity of joining our private social network. You’ll find all the BHMBud links in your ‘My Account‘ dashboard, you can create an avatar, upload a page banner, add friends, set your notifications, create groups…it’s awesome!

And if you aren’t already a member and what to join our BHMBud network then simply purchase a mag or a subscription and you’ll be immediately registered.

Go get chatting!

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